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How To Pick Your Niche

When it comes to building an Amazon affiliate site, the most important step is picking your niche. The success of your site will be highly dependent on this step.

Video Tutorial:

Picking Your Niche Walk Through:

The easiest way to find your niche is to browse the Amazon Best Seller List. If a product is a best seller, then you already know that the demand is high.

However, I would NOT recommend choosing a top level product. The competition is going to be very high. Instead, drill down to sub categories and look for best sellers that are a couple sub categories deep.

These will have a much lower competition, which means it will be easier to rank for them.

Additionally, even though the best seller lists are for products, we are trying to find a niche. We will want to have a variety of products we can list on our site and not just build a site around a single product.

For example, I can click on Sports & Outdoors, and then drill down farther by clicking on the sub category Outdoor Recreation.

Main Categories

Sub Categories

At this point I have drilled down to the Outdoor Recreation sub categories and I would recommend going even deeper. In this example I clicked on Camping & Hiking and then drilled down even farther to Hydration & Filtration.

Now we have a great list of niches to choose from. I could choose any of the ones listed under Hydration & Filtration and I would have a great, laser targeted niche to go after.

That is the process I like to use. Of course, you can do this for ALL categories on Amazon. Just keep drilling down until you get to very targeted niches.


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